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7 weirdest places to masturbate

7 weirdest places to masturbate

Sometimes you wonder whether to treat yourself to your favorite vibrator, shower or other toy. Maybe for the mood you turn on your favorite movie or remember some erotic moment in life, or maybe just take a little lubricant and give free rein to your fingers. This is all a great classic that will never lose relevance, but there are other places and methods that women told on the pages of Reddit. For your attention is a selection of 7 the craziest seats, mentioned in girls in discussion.

At work

I used to work in a big sports supermarket. There was a cool guy working there and I met him every day. I wanted him so badly I was ready to just jump in and drag him into the closet. Once I noticed him changing into his uniform and I just got hot. I held on for about half a shift; then the constant memory of his muscular body pushed me to the unprecedented. I went into the locker room, clung to the bench and cool it wet. Probably, it was the brightest orgasm from masturbation in my life.

— Anonymous


I went into the fitting room in Forever21 got a vibrator and did it. I know I had to go home, but I really liked this toy and I just couldn't stand it. Ah and why tolerate until homes?

— RedditVirgin218

Behind the wheel

I often masturbate when I drive. Especially when I'm in the car alone and driving in a dress or skirt. I wonder if anyone noticed it in the neighboring cars, it warms up my desire and passes the time at traffic lights and in traffic jams.

— cuntingseason

On board a warship

Warship located in 300 kilometers offshore in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Just I and a nuclear warhead capable of wiping entire cities off the face of the earth are at it. It was cool.

— tonyaa

In a friend's bed

Once I stayed the night with a friend and we slept in the same bed. I thought he was already sleeping, but I strongly «wanted» and I understood, that staying up all night wasn't the answer, and I just thought it was a good idea to do it in his bed. I caressed myself under the covers and was almost finished when suddenly he turned to me and said that I had annoyed him by tossing and turning and by interfering him with sleep. I just stiffened and apologized in embarrassment. Then he asked what I was doing. I don't know what came over me, but I told the truth. He openly amazed, was silent for a minute and then said: «Damn, I interrupted you, but I could just help you to cum.»

— beautysupremes

During the lesson

It was my 8th grade. There was a boring history lesson and we were shown a movie. In short I was so bored that I just slowly moved my hips back and forth and whiled away the time. No one even noticed.

— AirmansGirl

In the school bathroom

Yes, yes. I gave myself a treat in the school bathroom when I came out of class for a little. In my defense I may say that it was very clean.