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8 mistakes which you make after sex

8 mistakes which you make after sex

Time spent together after sex influences relationship and sexual life.

Experts often give recommendations on behaviour during sex and before it. But what to do when the passion ends?

We will tell you what mistakes to avoid in order to become closer.

Don’t go to the toilet right after sex.

Don’t run to the toilet right after sex. Wait at least 20 minutes. Doctors say it’s good idea to urinate after sex. It helps to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. But if you don’t want to go to the toilet, you don’t have to do it. You can piss later, for example in 1 hour. 


Hug with your partner. It’s really very important. Don’t turn to the wall and fall asleep. don’t go to do your household chores. Spend time with a partner to keep the fire burning between you.

During sex and after it our organism produces oxytocin, a hormone of love and devotion.

Canadian scientist have made research. 350 men and women took part in it. The research showed that the most important thing that helps couples be happy is sex and what happens after it. Those couples who hug after sex are happier than those who get down to their business. They love each other and live in harmony. In this case the other partner feels frustrated. 

Wash away all the lubrication.

If you are allergic, wash away all lubricants and sperm in order not to irritate your vaginal microflora.

Take a shower.

It’s not necessary to run to the shower right after sex to wash away the smell of your partner, but still a shower after sex is a part if necessary hygiene. Also you can have shower together. It will save time and become a part of the love play. 

Check  your condom.

Always check if the condom is not ripped after sex. Remember that no contraception gives you 100% protection. Even if it’s ripped, don’t panic. Byu a test on dexually transmitted infection and do it. 

Don’t have sex for the second time if you fel burning in your vagina. You may think that it’s not an important symptom, but any discomfort can be dangerous. If you agree for the second sex, you will not have enough lubrication and it will be painful. If you still want to give and get pleasure for the second time, use your hands. 

Wash your sex toys

It’s very important. If you don’t do that, the bacteria on them will cause infections. Wash hem every time after sex according to the instructions. 

Sleeping in sexy lingerie

Some girls use sexy lingerie from synthetics for sleeping. It;s a bad thing t do. Doctors recommend sleeping in pants made of natural materials. Synthetics don’t let the air in, which can cause infections.