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It became known how to persuade a partner to sex experiments

It became known how to persuade a partner to sex experiments

Often people are afraid to experiment in sex. So the partner should be prepared for this gradually, and not be put before the fact.

A person is generally afraid of everything new and unknown. Sex is an extremely intimate process and innovations in such matters for most are something forbidden. In addition, it is important to consider parenting. Most often, the ban on something new comes from childhood. Here we are talking not only about sex, but also about everything new in general. Fear can be associated with the fact that we may simply not understand. There are two people involved in sex, and the fear of being rejected may have an extremely strong influence. "What if he doesn't understand me?"; "What if he thinks badly of me?"...

Here, the mental connection with the partner is of particular importance. The degree of trust determines the possibility of reaching a new level of sexual relations. It is important to take into account the psychological readiness of partners in this matter.

Each person has his/her own view of sex toys, and it is impossible to force a partner to use something against his/her will. Try to show him/her examples of how this happens in movies, or tell him/her how you would like it. Try to describe your own feelings and desire to experiment as vividly as possible. Find out what your partner fantasizes about, and offer to fulfill his/her wishes in exchange for yours. And then the choice is up to him/her. Perhaps he/she will not immediately agree to something supernatural, but some pleasant little thing will definitely do for you.

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