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The ABC of a perfect lover

The ABC of a perfect lover

A lot has been said about kisses, but nobody talks about bites. But even in "Kamasutra" a whole chapter is devoted to love scratches and nibbles.

Look at the animals: human kissing seems to be a light version of bestial passion, as both predators and herbivores playfully bite each other.

All of us know how to kiss more or less but we practice bites only in outbursts of passion. Looking to test your partner's attitude towards biting? Try to be naughty a little, and you will immediately understand if you may set your inner tigress free or you'd better keep calm.

Trial subscription to erotic biting

Start with light, subtle bites to the neck. Remember how vampires bite their victims. If you feel like your partner is enjoying it, continue nibbling on his earlobe, shoulders, chest, and abdomen.

Erogenous zones

The most sensitive areas should be bitten with extreme caution, as even caresses can be painful. However, there is a difference between digging your teeth into the buttock, and biting the nipple. Men sometimes do not control themselves at all. And if you try to stop your self-taught vampire, he will also be offended - this is a manifestation of passion!

But don't try to tolerate pain. Stop your biting partner before you start to experience severe discomfort, and tell honestly that he should not do this, it hurts. The magic phrase “I love it when you do it like this” clearly demonstrates how you can remove your teeth from overly sensitive areas. Biting the genitals is already a BDSM trick, and here you must definitely follow the rules of awareness and safety.

Don't try too hard!

If you don't want the pain to overshadow the pleasure, don't crunch your partner! Although human canines are not so big, you can seriously injure your lover, especially if she or he recoils from surprise.

Teeth marks, bruises, a back scratched with nails, crimson suction - this is also a kind sign of belonging. Make sure that your partner agrees to such marks.

Flawless bite technique

If the bites are light and invisible, smoothed out by gentle kisses and gentle touches of the tongue, this is the right approach. Unless you decide to play predators and deliberately bite the neck from behind, or pretend to gnaw your partner's throat. And yet it is better not to openly dig in your teeth, but only to imitate the bite, without leaving bloody consequences.

Biting kiss

Lips sweetly bitten into blood are nothing more than a linguistic pictorial and expressive means. It is clearly not worth chewing on the lips, but you can slightly grab the lower lip with your teeth. It is believed that such a bite indicates a strong sexual temperament.

Do not gnaw or try!

If you aggressively bite into the same place all the time, then this is clearly not about sex. This is not a competition "Who will eat faster" really! Change the experience: Sweet bites will give you a hundred bonuses to arousal if you scatter them interspersed with kisses all over your body, without getting stuck in one area.

Making comments like "Oh, how delicious, I would have eaten!" is arather risky . Unless this is the norm in your couple and you agree to add words to the process. Strange sounds can completely interrupt the excitement of both partners, so be careful.

Orgasm is coming - keep your teeth away

If you feel like the climax is near, do not bite, even if you want to. Voluptuous cramps can lead to a strong clenching of the jaws, and as a result, a stormy night will end at the emergency room. Of course, this will be an absolute accident, but you cannot argue with nature, because an orgasm is an extremely strong experience when the mind simply turns off.

So to bite or not to bite?

Not everyone likes bites. Not all people have a perfect tooth line. It also happens that a pair of crooked teeth turns the bite into a pinch, resembling a sharp angle with a needle.

Always check if your partner is ready to add a bit of animal passion to intimacy, and do not try on the role of steak. Remember, everything needs a golden mean!