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Don't act as a marathon hero: rules for perfect sex rules for men

Don't act as a marathon hero: rules for perfect sex rules for men

For some reason, it is believed that men should not worry about their intimate life and mistrust their own powers. However, sometimes men do have such problems. Moreover, men have more difficulties coping with these problems than women.

Here are several recommendations that will help you sort out your sexual problems.

Pleasure is not always about an orgasms.

There are many ways to satisfy each other. Don't limit yourself to sex with penetration. But, in order to find out which methods work out for you, you need to discuss them and, perhaps, look for sensitive zones. By the way many people have troubles with it. No one is born a genius of communication: at first it will be embarrassing to speak on intimate topics.

If your partner still can't reach the peak, it doesn't mean you are a bad lover or a bad person. Some people just can't get orgasm. With any lover. But both of you can still enjoy sex. Men also can't get aroused in a click and can't get orgasm so easily. Not just women may have difficulty getting orgasm.  If your partner is not aware of this, it is better to be honest with her than to try to meet unrealistic expectations.

There are no unique penises

It is good if you are not bothered with your size. If not, be aware that your penis is likely to be of medium size. If the penis is too big, you probably would already know about it. If it's really too small, do not be upset: sex is not only about your penis. Sometimes it happens like this: a man hears something unpleasant about his penis and suffers for a long time. Again, it's not worth it: if a woman made a remark about your small size, or even more so made an unflattering comparison, then in most cases this is dictated by a banal desire to take revenge or hurt, using a hackneyed stereotype. Does anyone really take a ruler with them to bed? The quality of intimate life depends on the emotional closeness between partners, but not on the size of the genitals.

There is nothing shameful about lubrication

For some reason, many people are convinced that taking something other than their own bodies to bed is already a perversion. Sometimes this even applies to condoms, although it is about safety.

Splurge on a good lubricant. Feel free to use it. Having tried it once, you will realize that sex with it only gets better. If you do not notice the difference, then the woman will certainly feel the effect: natural lubrication, even in large quantities, does not protect from frictions irritation. And caring for each other is also a significant contribution to intimate life.

There are no standards

Stop reacting to jokes and stereotypes that are broadcast in popular culture. If the character of the film is furious because a man does not want to give her cunnilingus, this does not mean that your partner wants to receive it every day. However, if you do not really like something stereotyped, feel free to say so. For example, not all men are addicted to blowjobs, even if their partner is ready to do it. Nor should pornography be taken as a benchmark. You should understand that there are no standards. If everything is done by mutual consent, then sex may not be the way everyone is used to seeing it. Entourage, speed, erotic massage, spontaneity - all this may or may not be. Another useful conclusion follows from this: you should not judge your own abilities on the example of one single lover. This is too subjective.

Everyone gets tired during sex.

With no exceptions. By the way, about sex marathons. Remember, we are all ordinary people, so it's completely normal to get tired after half an hour of lovemaking, even if this is an ordinary doggy style, and not an acrobatic study. The intensity of sex is similar to sports training. You are not ashamed of relaxing in the gym, are you? No need to pretend to be a superhero, trying to prove that you can have sex 2 hours without a break. There are also no standards regarding the duration of sex. Finally, ask your partner. Perhaps she would be much more satisfied with 5 minutes of hot intimacy than a long marathon. After all, asking to change positions or just lie down for a bit to rest, has not killed any relationship yet.