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Average and the best age of a sexual debut

Average and the best age of a sexual debut

Sexologists believe that both at the beginning of a sexual life and after that you need to be completely confident in your partner.

It has been proven that puberty occurs at different age for men and women. As for sex maturity, here in general everything is very individual. That is why the question of the beginning of sexual life is considered quite difficult.

Sexologists believe that there is no specific age for sexual initiation. It often depends on the region of residence. For example, girls living in the south grow up much earlier than girls from the north. Cultural and religious preferences, the social status of women and a number of other factors also affect.

It is believed that a woman is completely ready to have a sex life no earlier than at the age of 18-19. At this age, the genitals are ready for sexual intercourse, and also have the natural protection of the mucous membranes. The body is ready to bear and give birth to a child. As for men, they can start having sex from the age of 15-16. However, at such a young age, they are not yet psychologically ready for the consequences that unprotected sex can bring to their lives.

Doctors and sexologists recommend starting intimate relationship when a person is psychologically mature. Many people are ready for intimate relationships at the age of 16-18. People starting intimate relationships should understand that sex is not only pleasure, but also responsibility. It is worth remembering that if you have unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancy can occur, as well as sexually transmitted diseases.