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Baranovskaya does not support sex on the first date

Baranovskaya does not support sex on the first date

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya in an interview with the newspaper «7 days» recently said that on the first date, she never allowed herself sex. According to the TV presenter, she does not condemn women who are prone to sex at the first meeting with a man, but she can not do so, it is alien and unacceptable to her.

According to Yulia, she does not consider herself shackled in actions, but she needs to be attracted to a person, not to the process of sex as such. Therefore, the girl believes that «chemistry» in communication between a man and a woman is necessary, otherwise contact will not work. Yulia Baranovskaya also urges her listeners not to suppress their feelings, emotions and openly voice their desires to their partner, because most of the problems in a relationship between a man and a woman are caused by understatement.

In an interview, Yulia mentioned her student friend, for whom serious relationships were alien, and after sex, she could easily break up with her new friend. Yulia herself says that such relations are unacceptable for her.

Yulia Baranovskaya is the former civil wife of the famous football player Andrey Arshavin, they have children together – Artem, Yana and Arseniy.