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Basic rules of morning sex

Basic rules of morning sex

Having sex after waking up is the same as making your dreams come true. Or, more simply, "fuck your dream." It is unlikely that any of the men can refuse to make love in the morning. Perhaps you should also pay attention to this method of awakening from sleep?

Start your day with intimacy. After all, this is much more useful than morning exercise. To get the maximum pleasure from morning sex, we can give you some useful recommendations.

Rules for morning sex.

  • Do not neglect brushing your teeth. It will not take you much time, but unbrushed teeth and stale breath may kill all the fun of sex.
  • Forget about the usual routine. Experiment, because the morning is the best way to do this.
  • It is better to keep protective means in the bedside table. This will save you from searching for condoms all over the house in the morning. You don't know how the usual morning hugs and kisses may end.
  • Forget about all your complexes and flaws of the figure, at least in these morning hours. Let yourself just enjoy the moment.
  • Try to have sex in new, unfamiliar places. For example, you may do this in the bathroom. Great sex and an invigorating shower in the morning – what could be better?
  • After intimacy, one of you can make a delicious breakfast or coffee and bring it to the other person's bed. Another way to diversify the morning.
  • Even if you have to hurry, you may have sex "quickly". The fact that you are in a hurry, afraid of being late for work, will make your heart beat faster, contribute to the release of adrenaline, and therefore, sharpen the sensations.
  • Morning exercises may be replaced with sex. All muscle groups are involved in it.
  • Sex in the morning is good for your health. Morning sex leads to normal blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. According to some studies, it also reduces the likelihood of catching runny nose and getting migraines.
  • For women, this sex reduces the likelihood of developing depression, and for men decreases the level of stress.
  • Higher concentration of sex hormones. In the morning, namely from 7 to 8 o'clock, the level of testosterone in men is the highest.
  • Sexual desire peaks in both men and women at the same time only a couple of times a day. This happens at eight o'clock in the morning and at eight o'clock in the evening. At this time, female and male indicators of sexual activity simultaneously reach a maximum. So this time may be called the most suitable for intimacy. In addition, scientists say that with intense sex, you can burn about 200 kcal in just 20 minutes.
  • Sexual intimacy in the morning may help with a hangover.
  • Since the body is well rested after sleep in the morning, the sensations of sex and orgasm become brighter and last longer.

The best poses for morning sex.

The "spoon" pose.

This is the so-called classic morning pose. It is perfect for the situation when a man wants to have sex, but the woman has not yet moved away from sleep. The couple lies down so that their faces are in the same direction. The man is positioned behind his partner. You may diversify the pose by lifting one leg and throwing it over the partner.

The inverted missionary position.

This is the usual missionary position, but in a mirror image.

Lotus position.

The man assumes the Lotus position, sitting down and crossing his legs. His partner sits on top of him and wraps her legs around him.

To sum up, we can say that morning sex has both its advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is limited time, because in the morning it is usually not enough. But all this is overlaid with advantages. It is worth paying a little attention to each other in the morning to recharge your energy and luck for the whole day.