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The best ideas for using a mirror during sex

The best ideas for using a mirror during sex

There is something insanely narcissistic and extremely sensual about the idea of ​​narcissism during intimacy. In fact, no matter what is shown in adult films, few people enjoy looking at themselves naked. What is the reason?

Sex is not only a physical but also an aesthetic pursuit. So we suggest making love in front of a mirror. To further pique your interest, here are some good reasons to try it out today.

Body and reflections

Most people are faced with some dissociation during intimacy: they immerse themselves in their own fantasies or completely focus on tactile sensations, and the body turns into just an instrument for getting pleasure.

We are usually strict on our bodies. How often do we see ourselves naked? Unless only when we undress in the bathroom and begin to examine every fold, stretch or swelling. Moreover, we usually try to hold in the stomach, stand on tiptoes, bend in the lower back to seem more attractive. During intimacy, you cannot hold in your stomach - you want to relax, discarding how aesthetically pleasing your breasts look when you are on all fours.

For this very reason, seeing yourself and your partner at such moments can easily become a source of anxiety.

On the other hand, this process can turn into an exciting erotic game. You are having sex and watching porn at the same time.

Fresh ideas

A mirror can turn the most boring intercourse into a bright and interesting event. The banal missionary position will sound completely new if you dare to observe yourself from the sidelines. You will need to put a mirror or a wardrobe with a mirrored door near the bed.

If you are confused by it, do not turn on the overhead light, but use a night light or candles. This will give the atmosphere a special romance and sensuality.

A large stationary mirror is not as mobile as a small one, so you may have to move around to find the best angle.

Look at yourself while having sex in a cowgirl position. When you see how beautiful you are, you will immediately understand why your partner likes it so much when you move on him.

And your man may be seriously aroused by the view of a blowjob from the side, because during oral sex, he mainly sees only the top of your head, while the mirror will allow him to see more piquant details. And if you sit him in front of the mirror, and  get down between his knees so that he sees your back, you get a real shot from a porn film. Show him how you masturbate during a blow job - he will certainly appreciate it.

If you are embarrassed having sex in front of the mirror, start with foreplay .

Solo games

If you've never tried looking at yourself there, it's time to fix it! Believe me, this is a very curious and exciting sight. Do not deprive yourself of this pleasure.

For some women, the process of looking at your own genitals may seem strange. Yes, there is something forbidden in this, but the forbidden fruit is so delightfully sweet!

Thus, a mirror is an affordable way to change something in your intimate life and the perception of your own body. To do this, you need to make a minimum of effort, and the result is guaranteed to exceed all expectations!