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Best poses for a real sex drive

Best poses for a real sex drive

Experts have compiled a selection of sex positions that most men and women bring unusually vivid impressions of intimacy. Those who want to diversify their intimate life may experience them for themselves – they give the opportunity to show mutual activity.

So, there are five poses that should be offered to try the partner to get new unforgettable sensations.

1. Different in temperament

If a woman takes longer to get aroused than her partner, she may well start warming up without him. When she realizes that she is ready, she ought to lie down on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and call a partner. He should stand in front of her and enter her, leaving a space between the bodies so that the female partner could also stimulate herself with her hand.

2. With wide shut eyes

The position of the woman is on her back, her legs are thrown over the shoulders of the partner, who, with one foot standing on the floor, and the other knee leaning on the bed, performs sexual intercourse. In this position, it is convenient to adjust the amplitude and frequency of your movements. If you close your eyes, it will be easier to do this – the woman will completely surrender to her feelings, and the process will go naturally – at the right pace for both.

3. Two and an assistant

To diversify the love game in bed and get maximum satisfaction, you may use a vibrator. The woman takes a knee-elbow position and simultaneously with the partner, who is engaged in her from behind, caresses herself with a toy.

4. Lazy lovers

Mutual-passive sex without penetrating contact, that is, petting, gives pleasure almost more than games "with pepper". If the partner is not set up for sex immediately, the man may pamper her with a massage. When she feels a slight desire, he needs to lie on his back and sit his girlfriend back to him. Let her spread her legs a little so that the partner's leg is between her thighs. You may lazily enjoy this activity for several hours in a row, without reaching the orgasm itself.

5. Hidden skills

A pose is for those who are in excellent physical shape and do not mind acrobatic tricks. You will need a very strong, stable chair. The woman stands with her back to the seat and climbs on it so that her pelvis is raised above the back of the chair, and her hands and knees rest against the seat. The partner during the act is at the back; if the coitus be completed without adventures for both, the couple will have a lot of fun and excitement.