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The best positions for her crazy orgasm

The best positions for her crazy orgasm

The comming of spring means the awakening of nature. It's the time when everybody wants to change their lives. We encourage you to experiment in bed - awaken the cats on heat in yourself, please your partner by inviting him to try new positions.

According to the psychologist-sexologist, you shouldn't miss out a chance to improve your favourite sex positions. In this case, sex will be even more enjoyable.

For those who are shy

Only two out of 10 women can have an orgasm without directly affecting the clitoris. It is for this reason that vaginal intercourse does not always allow a lady to get maximum pleasure. For men it's much easier because the glans penis is very sensitive. During intercourse, it is stimulated in any case. But they can also see the benefits of changing position. Changing the angle of penetration will give new sensations.

When it comes to women, most of us need clitoral caresses to get orgasm. Not everyone can openly talk about this to a partner or start stimulating themselves in front of a man. This  is wrong. The overwhelming majority of men are crazy about watching female masturbation. But not every girl is able to be 100% liberated next to a man, even if he is the one she loves.

There are sex positions allowing to stimulate clitoris during the intercourse. At the same time, you do not have to worry that your partner will notice your manipulations.

Reverse cowgirl

Sit on top of the man, but face his feet. In this position, you can comfortably stimulate the lover's scrotum, plus give your clitoris caress. You can use your fingers or a toy to stimulate.

Ask your loved one to bend his knees so that you have the opportunity to rub your clitoris against the surface of his thigh.

Face to face

Sit a the man's lap, look into each other's eyes and kiss - this will give even more excitement. Wrap your legs around his waist to control the depth of penetration and accelerate orgasm by additional stimulation of the clitoris and nipples. Hug the man with your "legs", leaning closer to him.

Doggy style

This pose gives the opportunity to touch the clitoris with the fingers. Naturally, you have to keep your balance, using only one hand for support. But you get a great fitness workout.

Squeezing your legs

Some women achieve orgasm by intense squeezing of their legs (for example, throwing them or placing them on top of one another). This is called myocompression orgasm because it is achieved by applying pressure to the clitoris. This is normal, but there are girls who can cum just in this way.

The problem usually lies in an established and ingrained pattern: pleasure is possible only when the legs are squeezed. Switching to a different “format” with legs wide apart during intercourse or cunnilingus can be difficult. Try to transfer the standard model to making love to a man. For example, you can squeeze your legs in a spoon position, lying on your side. The man at this moment will also feel additional squeezing - this will give him pleasure.

Or try making love in a similar position. Stand facing the table and lean on your hands. You can lean against the table with your belly. Let your partner penetrate from behind. Feeling the approach of orgasm, cross your legs, creating additional pressure on the clitoris.

Over time, having learned how to climax by clenching the legs in the presence of a partner, you can begin to master new poses to get more pleasure.

Spot it

Many people think that in order to achieve an enchanting orgasm, it is enough to press the famous G-spot. This belief has firmly settled in our consciousness. It is impossible to count how many coupleshave failed trying to find a given spot.

The secret lies in the structure of the female reproductive organs. We can see only part of the clitoris - its head. The legs of it are located inside the female body. Many women have a zone that is more susceptible to caresses - it is called the G-spot. During sex, through this part of the vagina, the nerve endings covering the legs of the clitoris are influenced. Thus, the pleasure is multiplied.

To stimulate the G-spot, test the previous position: stand on straight legs with your chest resting on a table. In this position, the friction of the penis against the front wall of the vagina will increase significantly. Bend in your back, lifting your buttocks higher, and you are guaranteed heavenly pleasure.