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5 best sex positions for not flexible men

5 best sex positions for not flexible men

There is no need to bend your bodies while having sex. You can be very strong and have great muscles but it may affect your flexibility. Should you refuse from sex? Of course not.

There are 5 positions that  man can use if they are not flexible enough. They will give you the opportunity to get maximum pleasure.

Missionary position

Many people criticize this position, calling it too primitive. In reality, the situation is different. This pose provides maximum intimacy between partners. It enables you to maintain eye contact, give affection to each other. In this position, you can control the depth of penetration and the speed of movement, which enables to get more pleasure.


In this position, the partners lie on their sides. You are behind your partner's back. Try making love in this position facing each other. This position does not require flexibility. You will give pleasure to yourself and your beloved, without fear for the joints.

In the armchair

Just sit in the armchair. Invite your partner to sit on your lap. If the armchair is large, have her sit facing you. In this position, the control of the process will fall on your partner, and you will get pleasure and touch her.


You don't need much flexibility in this position either. It is enough to bend your legs to comfortably fit in with your beloved. Making love in this position will be easy and enjoyable if you lean against the wall. It's good if you have a table or a wall nearby.


Another great position that doesn't require flexibility. Lie on the bed and your partner will do the rest. Making love in this position is like having sex in a chair. The main thing is that the furniture is reliable. You can also try this position on the floor.

For maximum enjoyment, it is not necessary to master the entire Kamasutra. Use your strengths to enjoy the process to the fullest. We are sure that your partner will appreciate the proposed positions and will not even notice that you lack flexibility. Having sex in the listed positions will give pleasure to both of you, will allow you to get orgasm.