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Breathing technique to get an orgasm

Breathing technique to get an orgasm

Breathing is a natural and continuous process. We stopped paying attention to it but this is a mistake. Few people can breathe correctly. This is an art, with the help of which you can improve your time on the treadmill in the gym and achieve an enchanting orgasm.

Sex is a complex process influenced by many factors. The result depends on the mood,  technique, menstrual phase and even the position of the stars in the sky. Some people are motivated by watching a movie, others need a more powerful stimulus.

The elements of sex are constantly being discussed: attention is paid to health, toys for adults, various fetishes. But for some reason, breathing is ignored. People rarely think of it, and usually in connection with energy and other esoteric moments. But it is more correct to speculate about the physiological aspects of breathing, and not think about which chakra to breathe.

Try to master the technique of inhaling and exhaling, increasing the number of orgasms, making them brighter.

Remember about breathing

As strange as it may sound, research results indicate that women who hold their breath have difficulty getting an orgasm. Superficial uneven shortness of breath is also no good.

We say with confidence that without air in sufficient quantities, high-quality sex is out of the question. First of all, you need to think about breathing, and not how to lie down so that your belly does not stick out. As for the belly...

Belly breathing

There is no need to master complex techniques, but you need to imagine that you are breathing in and out with a part of the body that is not intended for this (for example, with the little finger on your hand). Do not visualize the energy filling the body with every breath. Just master the belly breathing technique. It makes it possible to fill the lungs with oxygen with minimal effort. The normal functioning of all organs, including the clitoris, depends on it.

Watch your breath

Breathing is given great attention in yoga and meditation practices. It is also significant in tantric sex. Concentrate on it, clearing your head of unnecessary thoughts related, for example, about an unprepared report, which is to be handed over to your boss every other day or the deadline allotted for writing an article. By focusing on inhaling and exhaling, you can immerse yourself in your own body, feel what is happening to it at the moment.

Don't neglect practice

If you have previously studied breathing techniques that are advised to use during childbirth, then most likely you know that it is recommended to master them long before going to the hospital. You cannot read the recommendations and then use them in practice at the right time. The situation is similar in sex: it takes practice to breathe regularly with the belly. Turn it into a skill that activates automatically.

Easy breathing exercise

Sit or lie down more comfortably with your hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Inhale and feel first the diaphragm filling with air, and then the belly. You need to feel how the abs and pelvic muscles tightened.

Concentrate on the sensations, on the "rolling" of air throughout the body. Having mastered this part of the exercise, move on to another - the contraction of the pelvic muscles as you exhale.

You need to repeat the exercise regularly, focusing on breathing. Do not let your thoughts rush to reports and burning deadlines: noticing this, immediately return them "to the body", concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. Try to breathe with your belly while masturbating, pay attention to how this affects "solo sex".

Breathe correctly while making love

It is not so easy to "integrate" the mastered technique into sex. We recommend starting with situations where your behavior is calmer than that of your partner. First, practice deep breathing and focusing on the sensations during moments of relaxed cunnilingus. Good points to do this are petting foreplay: breathe while adding the touch of your loved one.

Try to teach your partner how to control his breathing - this will give you the opportunity to synchronize, allowing you to better feel each other. But this requires a lot of skill. First, just explain what and how to do, tell about experiments with breathing techniques. Especially if before that you had a stormy intimacy, during which you changed several positions and places.

Concentrating on your breathing won't change your sex - it's just a good relaxation technique that works anywhere. Take the time to master this technique, it is definitely worth it.