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Bring back the passion: choosing 5 positions for sensual sex

Bring back the passion: choosing 5 positions for sensual sex

Gentle and passionate kisses are the key to a great time with your partner. So why not make them an indispensable attribute of your intimate life? We present to your attention several poses that will give maximum pleasure not only from penetration, but also from the contact of the lips.

Cradle of love

This is one of the warmest and most affectionate positions for those who truly love each other. Both partners lie on their sides face to face, you wrap your arms and legs around him. Shower each other with kisses in all sorts of places you can reach. There is no need to rush, just move in the same rhythm. To enhance the sensations, you can take an intimate toy with you.

Come to me

Sit on the edge of the table, hug the legs of the man standing next to you, facing you. Snuggle up to each other as tightly as possible and exchange kisses until you can't resist the urge to move on to more passionate actions.

Sex without stripping

You must remember how long and sweet your kisses were in your beautiful youth, when it was too early to have sex. So why not repeat it with your current partner? Sit on the couch in the missionary position with your clothes on. However, before moving on to penetration, spend as much time kissing as possible.

Love lap

The man sits down in a chair or on the edge of the bed. You sit on top, hug his hips with your legs and begin to whisper affectionate words in his ear, accompanying it with gentle kisses. Then you can switch roles.

Kiss me harder

In the "lotus" position, it is extremely convenient to combine sex with kissing, since both partners have unlimited access to the body. In addition, clitoral stimulation is greatly facilitated in this position.