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British school children are advised how to have sex

British school children are advised how to have sex

Recently, teenagers of a comprehensive school in Wigan (United Kingdom, Manchester) received pamphlets with advice about sex life. The contents of these benefits shocked both the children themselves and their parents. The title of the book speaks for itself: «101 ways to show your love without sex.»

So, the author of the manual advises to «suck your partner's fingers» to show him your love. The tips also include recommendations to give underwear to each other, bite on the earlobes, get a tattoo with the partner's name, and even such unrealistic tips as buying a piece of the Moon. Extreme points among these tips are to fall asleep together in an embrace by the fire and make a parachute jump together.

Parents of 14-year-olds Emma, Carl Lawrence and Stacey Larkin were particularly outraged. Parents accused the school and the pamphlet's distributors, Spectrum Community Health CIC, of molesting minors. Carl Lawrence's father believes that sex education at school is necessary, but not in this form. According to the parent, such manual advises were received not only by 9th graders, but also by younger students, which is absolutely unacceptable.

Before that, the school had an innovation related to the gender-neutral design of school uniforms. The parent community was outraged at the time, saying that children should choose their own clothes to study in. Meanwhile, in the UK, there are more and more transgender people who regret their decision, so parents of British schoolchildren are against this kind of propaganda in school.