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Causes of conflicts in a married couple and ways to solve them

Causes of conflicts in a married couple and ways to solve them

All couples, even those in which people love each other to distraction, quarrel. But you should always strive to minimize conflicts, to be able to solve them. We can name 7 popular reasons that lead to quarrels in couples and options for preventing them. At another time, you will not have to spend energy on an emotional showdown, take offense. You will be able to discuss all the problems in detail.

Material issues

General budget or separate budget, savings or expenses; who should pay for whom… Many couples face these questions, and they often lead to misunderstandings. One of the partners’ reproaches the second for excessive savings, the other does not like greed, and so on.

In such situations, you need to calmly discuss everything, clearly voice your own opinion, listen to what the partner will say and find a way to distribute the money that is acceptable for both. Calculate the main expenses and decide how much you can spend on a certain group of products, where your finances will be stored, so that you will not have any problems in the future.

Household responsibilities

If both partners work hard, and when they return from work, they show irritation about scattered things - this will not lead to anything good. Such grievances are common and have been accumulating for years. And then they end with a quarrel over unwashed shoes, which became the last straw that overflowed the cup of patience.

Many men are of the opinion that domestic affairs are exclusively a woman's prerogative. To avoid such a situation, even before living together, decide who will be engaged in washing dishes, washing things, cleaning. It is not enough that one of the partners simply "helps" the other, it is necessary to fully participate in household chores. There are two of you in the house.

Intimate moments

The sexual needs of each person are individual: someone is enough once a week and someone needs every day. Some are inclined to experiment, others do not accept them. Partners should be aware of each other's needs and preferences, if the sexual topic is forbidden for them - this is fraught with discomfort and irritation.

Learn to talk openly about intimacy in order to find common ground. Feel free to say if you are not satisfied with something, be frank in your fantasies, and do not be afraid to offer new things. And sexual life will bring you pleasure; will cease to be a reason for clarifying the relationship.

Different temperaments and characters

You like communication, spending time in companies, new experiences. And your man prefers to spend time in the company of a computer or TV. Gatherings with friends he needs only after a long time of solitude. This is also fraught with misunderstandings.

Such issues can only be resolved by compromises. Show each other that you appreciate your wishes, give your loved one the desired hours of peace and solitude, and in return, let him take you out at least once a month, for example, to the cinema.

Views on faithfulness

Some believe that liking a photo of an attractive girl is an act close to treason, while others will not break off the relationship, even if the partner had sex with someone. Different views on faithfulness also become an occasion for a showdown.

In such things, you need to understand before you start living together and getting married. If you really want to be together, look for compromises and accept the views of your partner, so as not to hurt him with your reckless actions.

The desire for control

In some couples, one of the partners begins to consider the other almost his property. There are prohibitions on meeting someone, tips on how to dress better. This is fraught with conflicts.

Do you realize that your partner has assumed the role of your mom and dad? Try to explain your behavior, say that the control gives you discomfort.

Different life values

Decide on the value guidelines, the strength and durability of the relationship depends on them. Difficulties arise when partners attempt to break down value systems that contradict their views. Conservative people can be very stubborn, provoke emotional conflicts that can not solve anything.

If you truly value a person, you are tolerant of things that are important to him/her. Your opinion should be conveyed gradually, avoiding excessive pressure. If your views are radically different, it is better to calmly disperse.