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Dangerous places for sex

Dangerous places for sex

An unusual place for intimacy promotes the development of new neural connections and obtaining unusual sensations, and this adds fire to the relationship. But there are places where you shouldn't indulge in passion. Let's figure out where exactly you shouldn't have sex and why.

What are these places where having sex is not only undesirable, but also dangerous?

1. Forest or park. Here you need to be as careful as possible, since you can step on an anthill or something like that.

2. River, sea and other waters. Doctors do not recommend having sex in water, as it can affect health. It must be remembered that many different organisms live in water bodies, so it will not be possible to follow the rules of hygiene.

3. Beach. Sex on the beach is dangerous because sand can easily end up in the mouth, eyes, ears and other parts of the body. Sex in a place like this will not be hygienic.

4. Airplane. Intimacy in the air may seem romantic, but there is not enough space in the aircraft toilet. And other passengers will obviously not be happy.

Now you know where it is better not to have sex