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Das ist fantastish: 10 male thoughts on female moans

Das ist fantastish: 10 male thoughts on female moans

Some are wildly turned on when a woman reacts violently to affection. Others are confused. Let's try to outline the thoughts of a man during loud sex.

Oh, what a fine fellow I am! She moans just like in porn movies. Super! Who is awesome? I am awesome!

It turns on so much ... Perhaps, it turns on too much ... Stop, dude, control yourself.

What if the neighbors hear all this? It is unlikely that they like it ... It's actually even curious at what point they will switch from "Wow!" to "When are you going to stop!"?

It's much worse if their children hear. Oh, how confusing... How can they then look in the eyes when they meet? How many parents have we just forced to explain to their offspring where children come from? Okay, they'll come up with something.

What if the neighbors decide that I'm killing her ?! What would I myself think, living behind the wall and not knowing what is really going on here? I don't want police here! But there may well be a smart guy who will dial the emergency service.

Lord, why right in the ear? It hurts!

What it is? Is she faking it like that? In my opinion, she is clearly overplaying ... The porn actress died in her, hmm.

But on the other hand, maybe I'm really that good, huh? There is something to be proud of!

Oh, finally, she fell silent ... Praise the orgasm! And such silence right away ... Maybe next time turn on the music?