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Dating that will 100% end in sex

Dating that will 100% end in sex

Sex on the first date is usually frowned upon in society. Although recent research has shown that intimacy is the foundation for relationships. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has made certain adjustments to our daily routine, but people continue dating. Some of them end with a romantic walk under the moonlight, and some end with hot sex.

If you want your date to continue in the bedroom, choose one of the following options.

Bar date

It is better to drink coffee before noon. So if the meeting takes place in the evening, you should still avoid caffeinated drinks. But why not, for example, go to a bar where you can enjoy some good alcohol? This will help you relax and have a great time. So, scientists have found that women who prefer red wine want sex much more than those who choose other drinks. Keep this fact in mind!

Dance lesson

If this is not your first meeting, invite the girl to a dance lesson. This will give you the chance to touch your partner quite legally, as well as enjoy her presence. In addition, pleasant music will help the girl to feel as comfortable as possible in your arms. Be sure to consider the fact that dance can tell a lot about your sex talents. Therefore, it is possible that the lesson will have an equally pleasant continuation.

Romantic weekend

If the girl invited you to spend a weekend in the mountains, sex is definitely inevitable. And this is quite reasonable. She is ready to spend a few days in your company. This means that the girl is confident: you can find a common language. Most importantly, remember about contraceptives and lubrication. It is unlikely that in the mountains you will be able to buy these important products in the first store you come across.

Date with another couple

We're not talking about swinger fun. We are talking about the most ordinary double date. Positive emotions and a cozy atmosphere will push your partner to end a pleasant evening with sex. Embrace her gently, kiss her on the cheek, correct stray strands of hair ... In general, demonstrate your concern and interest in every possible way.

Of course, no one will give one hundred percent guarantees, but you should try to arrange one of these dates. It may well happen that you go to your or to her house to continue enjoying each other.