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Top 5 details in a female appearance

Top 5 details in a female appearance

There are women who are always surrounded by admirers, although it is quite difficult to call them perfect beauties. However, judging by the video posted by Business Insider, whenever a man looks at you, he first of all evaluates your reproductive fitness, in other words, whether you can bear and give birth to healthy offspring. If there are certain traits in a woman's appearance, a man begins to feel an irresistible attraction to her, realizing that she could become the mother of his children.

Slim waist and wide hips

The ratio of 7:10 is considered impeccable - seeing such a figure, men on a subconscious level perceive its owner as healthy and fertile. Of course, this point is too obvious and perfectly explains the popularity of Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and all kinds of corsets to reduce the waist.

High voice

The sonorous voice evokes associations with youth and femininity. When men hear it, they imagine a sexy young beauty, even if in reality she is already over 60 (just remember a film "A Tale of Fairy Tales" with Vincent Cassel).

Healthy hair

Thick shiny hair has always been considered a symbol of female beauty, may the owners of short hair forgive us. Long, well-groomed hair speaks to a man of excellent health and fertility. Fortunately, taking care of your hair is not so difficult: it can be done both in the salon and at home. Do not be lazy and remember that all this is being done for the sake of the future of humanity!

Pretty smile

Another obvious point: happy people look attractive, but how can you imagine a happy person without a genuine smile? In addition, it's scientifivally proven that when meeting a woman, a man evaluates her teeth. That's why it's better tp visit the dentis regulary.

Minimum makeup

Do you honestly think that multiple layers of foundation, heavy contouring and false eyelashes make you a sex bomb? Just the opposite! Men likes moderately made up young ladies with good skin. Aagressive makeup confuses men. Who knows what the woman will look like the next morning after a stormy night!