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12 differences between sex in life and in movies

12 differences between sex in life and in movies

Romantic films present sex as a beautiful intercourse filled with sensuality and passion, which inevitably leads to the simultaneous orgasm ... Pornography also dictates its own standards. But, as soon as naivety and belief in miracles disappear, you realize that the difference between real sex and cinematic sex is about the same as between reality itself and cinema. Let's look at some examples.

The heroine of the film "The Man from the Boulevard des Capuchins" eventually came to understand that it is impossible to just make a montage. In the film, the characters meet, fall in love at first sight, and in the next scene they are already basking in bed - this is how their romance begins. Unfortunately, life is much more complicated. And a relationship that began with sex at first sight usually ends the same night.

Tearing off each other's clothes in a passionate impulse is, of course, very exciting. However, romantic movies probably won't show you picking up ugly underpants, socks, and wrinkled trousers all over the room after sex. After all, you do not have specially trained people who would arrange things aesthetically around the bed.

How often, after intimacy, do you lie in a bed that looks so flawless as if it had just been made by a VIP maid from a 5-star hotel? Moreover, the man is covered up to the waist, and you - up to the neck. And no sweat or wet spots on the bedding, you have the perfect make-up and styling “fresh from the salon”. Are you sure you are not androids?

Sometimes you are only able to experience an orgasm in a completely unattractive position. If you are used to mastrubation in a certain position, then, most likely,  you will come to a climax in it, and it may not look very impressive. Everyone has their own story, and if yours is not worth filming, this is not at all a reason to think that your life has gone down the drain.

Sex is much brighter and more interesting when you are sober. The ill-fated alcohol, of course, strengthens the desire, but reduces the possibilities. Therefore, drinking a bottle of wine together before intimacy is a cliché that confuses people.

If you are not doing dance, gymnastics, or figure skating, changing positions can be quite awkward, and this is quite natural. In films, this problem is often solved by a simple change of frame.

You massage each other's bodies by applying lubricant. Your skin is so velvety and radiant, and the flickering of candles makes it even more attractive ... One of you tries to kiss the other ... But then it turns out that most lubricants taste and smell awfully. Therefore, it is better to choose special edible lubricants or use it locally and after the completion of foreplay.

If you are not in the best physical shape, this will certainly affect the quality of intimacy - yet it requires some exertion. A beautiful vampire, who has been lying motionless in the crypt for a hundred years, will tremble in the pose of a cowgirl. In life, she should have purchased an exercise bike before luring someone in order to first love and then bite (or vice versa).

Not every lady considers penetration to be the best part of intimacy. Some would do well with clitoral stimulation. To be fair, it should be noted that the filmmakers have already smelled this (take at least the scene between the characters Keanu Reeves and Robin Wright Penn in the film "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee").

Fun intimacy can be just as good as passionate. This does not always happen by candlelight, on silk sheets and under a spray of champagne. Sometimes it is good to fool around, laugh, experience ridiculous postures and generally have fun in full.

In movies, instead of the breast or buttocks of movie stars, in most cases, you will see body parts of stunt doubles. If you are an ordinary couple who do not practice free sin, then for sure you want to love each other without anyone's help.