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5 effective ways to disappoint a girl in bed

5 effective ways to disappoint a girl in bed

Sex is capable of giving not only pleasant sensations, but also discomfort. Some actions performed by men during lovemaking can alienate a woman forever. There won't be second sex.

Hold by the ears

Guys love oral sex as much as girls love chocolate brownies. You can't pull them by the ears from the cakes, but it's not the same with a blowjob. It is not necessary to hold a woman by the ears during oral sex, setting the rhythm. Imagine somebody doing it with you?Smell

Perhaps the first item in the women's anti-rating is an unpleasant smell from a man. If you don't smell of some nice expensive perfume or at least fresh mint, then it is better to postpone the date to another day.

Where is she there?

Sometimes during intimacy with a man, you can hear a completely stupid question: "Where is your pussy there?" In fact, in the same place as everyone's else. If you are unable to find it yourself, ask your partner to guide you with gestures. But you shouldn't ask this rhetorical question.

Drooling everywhere

There are guys who like to lick girls from head to toe. There is no dispute about tastes, of course, but still a rare young lady will appreciate such affection. In most cases, increased salivation causes such disgust that the partner will only dream that it will end as soon as possible.


Leaving hickeys has long been out of fashion. However, if you want the girl to run away from you, suck her in full.

Have you cum yet?

Another ridiculous question. What do you expect to hear? That she is delighted with this outrage? Or that everything is so terrible that you automatically end up on the list of losers? You should see yourseelf if the lady has finished or not.