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7 enemies of intimate life that we don't even notice

7 enemies of intimate life that we don't even notice

Every woman experiences falls in libido. It's ok if all you can do in bed is wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, crunching popcorn, and watching a good comedy.

However, what if the extinct passion does not want to return in any way? Days, weeks, months pass, and you feel that popcorn still interests you more than sex. Perhaps it's not just the mood.

Who are they, these sworn enemies of sex?


Many people think that alcoholic beverages increase libido, but in reality this is not true. A glass of sparkling wine really helps to relax on a date, but it won't make you a priestess of love if you don't feel like having sex at all.

It all depends on what kind of drink you take, how much and how often. However, there is an undeniable fact: alcohol is a powerful depressant. By the way, due to the use of alcohol, women often suffer from a deficiency of natural lubrication. This is due to general dehydration of the body, and since alcohol dulls sensations, it also becomes more difficult to get an orgasm. If you realize that something is wrong with your libido, try to abandon the traditional Friday binge.


As cliché as it sounds, stress, depression, and anxiety disorder alter hormone levels. The body responds by releasing cortisol and adrenaline. Increased cortisol levels negatively affect libido. In other words, the brain stops thinking about procreation when it feels like there is some threat .

By the way, this is not only about women: in response to stress, the arteries narrow and reduce blood flow, which leads to erectile dysfunction among men.

Sleep deficit

Few things are as good for the body as 8 hours of sleep. On the physical level, lack of sleep leads to a decrease in testosterone in the blood and, as a result, to a frustration in the sexual sphere. If you are completely exhausted by the evening, try changing your routine and, for example, making love in the morning.


Certain drugs that fight depression, regulate blood pressure, and are used to treat a variety of conditions can cause sexual dysfunction. Therefore, before you start taking an unknown medication, check if there are any side effects of a decrease in libido in the list of side effects.


Many people believe that smoking negatively affects only the lungs and respiratory system, while it negatively affects the entire body.

Men are more likely to face this problem: their smoking 2 times increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. For men with this bad habit, it is more difficult to get an erection and keep it, because smoking releases adrenaline and some other components that affect blood flow. The less blood flows to the genitals, the more problems with erection.

Adult films

This point may seem strange, because pornography is supposed to stimulate the desire to have sex. However, in reality, our brain tends to follow the path of least resistance. And if you are overly addicted to porn, sex with a partner can be not pleasant for you. Studies show that porn creates misconceptions about sex, making real intimacy less than fulfilling expectations.

Social network

According to Dr. Prakash Kothari, if there is a third in the bedroom, the couple will not be able to tune in to each other. The third in this case is a smartphone. According to the doctor, he often encounters couples complaining about their intimate life upset by social networks. As a rule, these are young professionals who are forced to be online almost 24 hours a day.

Kothari's experience is consistent with that of other doctors. If you are constantly in touch, communicating with many people during the day, your nervous system simply will not be enough for real life. How often do you think about likes and comments while having sex? Do you get distracted by the sound? Giving up your smartphone at least an hour before having sex is the best thing you can do to improve your sex life.

Sex is not a vital need for our body. Therefore, we have no problems in this area only when the body feels great.