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Experts reveal 12 surprising facts about nipples

Experts reveal 12 surprising facts about nipples

Do you think that nothing interesting can be told about female nipples? These two small beads are the sensory area. Many women like it when men caress their nipples. All people have cute, pinkish-brown rounds, their development occurs even earlier than the reproductive organs. Even if there are small rashes on the nipples, there is nothing to worry about. These are white dots, similar to pimples on the nipple areola. They are called the Montgomery glands. Researchers cannot yet explain their role, perhaps the fluid they contain is necessary to lubricate the papillae.

They can be practically invisible or they can stick out quite clearly. These "pimples" are most noticeable during the period of childbearing. Sometimes these spots are white. It is unacceptable to try to squeeze liquid out of them - this is fraught with infection. One study found that women with more of these glands find it easier to breastfeed. Areola nipples can be of any color or size - this is normal. Areola skin has two shades: red and brown. The rich color of the areola is influenced by the amount of these pigments: it can be delicate pink and dark brown.

Skin tone can also matter, although not in all cases. Some women with fair skin may have darker nipples. Often the color of the areola becomes darker during the period of gestation. It can be quite enjoyable, almost as enjoyable as sex.

Nipples are a pleasure zone for many ladies. And an experiment held in 2011, the results of which were published in one of the journals, proves this from a scientific point of view. Doctors did an MRI scan for ladies at the time of nipple stimulation and found that this leads to the activation of the same areas in the brain as during vaginal stimulation, affecting the clitoris.

There is a so-called soscoorgasm, but not every woman can experience it.

The data of the same study indicates that there are many women who are able to reach the peak of pleasure while fondling their breasts. We realize that our head is responsible for orgasm. Hair can also grow on the breasts, so do not worry about this. Many women have hairs in the areola. And there is nothing wrong with that. Hair follicles are present in the areola. If it is not uncomfortable, you shouldn't do anything.

You cannot pluck the hairs - this will make them even thicker and darker. Such actions are fraught with their ingrowth under the skin. More negative consequences are also possible - infection of the follicle.

Laser hair removal in the salon will allow you to forget about hair. If there is not too much hair. If the hair in the nipple area is larger than usual and their number increases, this may indicate an increased synthesis of androgens. This condition is called hirsutism - excessive hair growth. And it can indicate a number of diseases, so you'd better get medical advice.

Inverted nipple

There are women whose nipple is pulled inward. There are few of them - only 10-20%. This is due to the fact that their mammary glands are shorter than  normal and they do not allow the nipples to protrude. Inverted nipples do not pose a health threat, but can create a number of difficulties in the feeding process (if they do).

The situation is different if the nipples were normal and suddenly "retracted". You need to consult a mammologist for any unexpected changes. Do not delay visiting your doctor if the change is accompanied by itching or pain. It is important to undergo diagnostics and exclude oncology.

Your nipples don't like intense sports. If you exercise a lot, it can harm them. The skin on the breasts is very sensitive and rough influences can lead to bleeding of the nipples. Before visiting the fitness club, it is recommended to treat the nipples with cream to avoid irritation.

We recommend that you give up piercing, it increases the chance of getting infection and scarring. The body may not accept jewelry. In addition, there is a risk of contracting dangerous diseases, such as hepatitis, if the tattoo-maker uses non-sterilized instruments.

There are people who have not two, but three or even four nipples. They look like moles. In 2012, a man with seven nipples consulted a doctor. A similar anomaly is more common among men.