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Experts told what men are afraid of in bed

Experts told what men are afraid of in bed

Despite the fact that men are recognized as the stronger sex, they often worry about sex much more than women. From time immemorial, a man was considered an invincible warrior and fighter in all spheres of life, which is why a defeat in terms of intimacy is for a man the strongest blow that generates a lot of psychological complexes.

So, one of the most unfavorable outcomes of sex for a man is an unplanned pregnancy of a partner. If a young man barely knows this girl, and he did not initially plan to create a family with her, then her pregnancy is one of the biggest fears for the partner. To avoid this fear, you need to take care of reliable contraception in advance, which will save you and your girlfriend from having to raise an unwanted child.

Another of the most common fears of a man in sex is the fact that he is the first male for his partner. For some men, sex with a virgin is something desirable, alluring. However, this only beckons if a man is ready to take a girl's virginity and spend only a couple of nights with her. As for long-term relationships, not everyone is ready to take on this responsibility. As for male innocence, only 35% of women are willing to spend the night with such a man; the majority are still drawn to more experienced partners.

Some men are afraid not to please their partner with the size of their penis and potency. This often works on the principle of autosuggestion: the more a partner doubts his masculine strength, the less chance he has of pleasing the girl. The most important thing in this situation is to let go of your fear and try to abstract, then your libido will become higher, and you will be able to satisfy a girl who is nice to you.

Premature ejaculation is another reason for men's fears before sexual intercourse. Many men are afraid to ejaculate immediately, and not having started having sex with a girl. If a man has a pathological tendency to get an orgasm before his partner, he just needs to contact a sex therapist, who will select a treatment regimen and help correct this defect.

Here are the main fears that haunt men and prevent them from fully having sex with a desirable partner. As a rule, you may cope with these fears yourself, but if you need help from a specialist, you may contact a psychologist at any time.