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Facial features that show high libido

Facial features that show high libido

How you can get to know if the lady or a gentlman that you like, has a high libido and is not going to disappoint you in bed? Take a close look at his facial features.

Facial features indicating high libido

Experts in the field of sexual relations have described how high libido can be determined by facial features.


Those with large eyes are sexually attractive. Attention should be focused on eye color. If it is warm, then the person is active in bed.


People with an "aquiline" nose with a slight hump, a Greek profile, are considered wonderful lovers. Experts call them subtle natures that show passion in bed.


You can also determine a person's sexuality by his lips. The lower lip is the main indicator of powerful libido. If it is larger than the top, this is a passionate person who loves to experiment in sex.


The protruding ears, which many people feel shy about, are another indicator of passion.

Take a close look at the appearance if you want to know how sexy a person is.