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Female masturbation: reasons and tips to do it

Female masturbation: reasons and tips to do it

So, lovely girls, are you ready? A well-known fact is women masturbate. Although we don't always feel the same urge to masturbate as men (at least not as often), girls definitely experience sexual arousal, especially during puberty.

Often it is not so much physical excitement as emotional. Many women, whether they masturbate or not, feel awkward and even ashamed when it comes to masturbation. We rarely share our experience in this kind of activity with our friends.

Some girls, caring about how to satisfy their friends or trying to express their own sexuality, often begin sexual life long before they really become ready for the accompanying emotional stress.

In light of all of the above, it is not surprising that many women have been sexually active for years, but never have an orgasm. This tragedy only emphasizes the need for women to be in contact with their own body, with its sexual reactions.

Masturbation is a healthy way for women to satisfy their own sexual feelings and experience their own sexual reactions. It is especially important for a woman to understand her own body, its reactions to sexual stimuli. Often women reach orgasm by stimulating the clitoris (direct or indirect), therefore the main method of Masturbation is stimulation of the clitoris with a finger.

Retire in a quiet room where you may relax and concentrate on your own thoughts and feelings.

You may imagine a pleasant erotic situation and start stroking your clitoris. The way you will do it, choose yourself. You can experiment with different ways of stroking, force of pressure, speed of movements to pick up those which stimulate most strongly. As you become aroused, your vagina becomes moist. You may use this lubricant to make the caress of the clitoris gentler.

It's possible you may want to pay attention to other parts of your body. Use your free hand. Massage your breasts, squeeze, and twitch your nipples. Allow your hands to carry out the most daring caresses, which you only dreamed of. Let your imagination run wild. Would you like to feel the caresses of the tenderest young man? Have you dreamed of making love on the shore of the gentle sea in the moonlight?

Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in this situation. There are no rules, no restrictions. If you have difficulties with fantasizing, try to read erotic novels, watch suitable movies.

How do you know if there was an orgasm, if you have never experienced it before?

Let's see. Orgasm is defined as a sudden release from tension, accompanied by involuntary pleasant muscle contractions. If your body has begun to make involuntary movements, accompanied by the spread of waves of pleasure, it is likely that your body is in a state of orgasm. If so, your clitoris will probably soon become too sensitive and you will not be able to continue its caresses.

Some women may begin re-stimulation almost immediately after orgasm and achieve multiple orgasms. Orgasm may be experienced as a feeling of physical and emotional ecstasy; many people like to scream during orgasm. Feel the physical and emotional release. After reaching orgasm, you will feel yourself relaxed and peaceful.

Over the limits of hands' caresses

Some readers asked to show options for masturbation techniques other than hand caresses. We are happy to comply with their request. We offer you several variants of equipment. We are interested in receiving a description of your personal experience.

Several ways of female masturbation

Water jet

Great satisfaction may be obtained by directing a jet of water on the clitoris. Taps in the bathroom, flexible shower hose, and shower jets in the Jacuzzi baths – all this can bring you to the heights of pleasure.


Stimulation with a jet of water is most easily achieved with the help of a shower. Remove the spray nozzle, direct the water jet directly to your clitoris and vagina entrance, and adjust the temperature and pressure of the water according to your sensations. It is best to start with a small water pressure and gradually increase it. Of course, the larger the set is, the stronger is the stimulation. Warm water gives, as a rule, the best effect. But be careful not to be burned.

Many women may reach orgasm with this stimulation of the clitoris for several minutes.


Fill the bath with warm water to about half. Lie on your back, so that your buttocks were directed in the direction where the water tap is.

Position the entrance of the vagina under the tap. Adjust the temperature and pressure of the water according to your desire; you may have to lift the pelvis in order the jet of water to get into the entrance of your vagina. Try to move apart the labia with your hands so that the jet of water can fall directly on your clitoris. Once you find the right position, relax, fantasize and have fun.


Turn towards the water jet; place your clitoris in the path of the jet. BE CAREFUL not to get too close to the jet, as the jet can be much stronger than in a normal shower. Start from a long distance and gradually move closer until you find a suitable position.

Electric massager

A conventional massager may be used to provide very intense clitoral stimulation. The direct impact of the massager on the clitoris may lead to unbearably strong irritation. The stimulation is so strong that it is often enough to simply move the massager along the edge of the entrance to the vagina or along the labia. You can place the massager on the cleft of the labia minora directly above the clitoris in the upper corner of the labia. You may even enjoy the vibrations through your clothes if you are in a hurry.

Compression of the thighs

Some women can achieve sexual arousal and even orgasm simply by squeezing the hips or rubbing them against each other, indirectly stimulating the clitoris in this way. Sometimes they do it in public. If you see that a woman's legs are crossed, she strenuously bends and squeezes her hips with tension, she probably experiences much more pleasant sensations than you might think (especially if she sways her leg to hide the movements of the hips, unusually fast and deep breaths, pressing a magazine or bag to the lower abdomen, covers with blush).

Experiment more boldly and you will find what is most acceptable for you.