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Five things to do before morning sex

Five things to do before morning sex

It's only in the movies that the characters wake up beautiful without a single flaw. Reality, on the other hand, brings everything back to normal. So, sometimes morning sex may be more like a torture than a process designed to deliver pleasure.

However, this can be fixed! We present to your attention 5 mandatory actions that every self-respecting (and his partner) man should perform before intimacy in the morning.

Brush your teeth

While a person sleeps, the bacteria in his mouth not only do not sleep, but arrange a real orgy. As a result, his morning breath can only be sustained by a cat (and then, because you feed it). So after waking up, first of all you need to brush your teeth. Kissing before that is definitely not worth it. This is not a movie.

Visit the toilet

It also makes sense to look in the bathroom. If you do this during sex, the mood will then have to return for a long time. And it is not a fact that it will be possible at all.

Take a shower

And in general, if it comes to that, why not have a full-fledged water treatment! The glands are not so active at night, but they function, which means that a shower will not be superfluous, especially if you used the previous recommendation.

Use deodorant

This will take no more than a couple of seconds (of course, if you do not drop the bottle, it will not roll behind the washing machine, and there in turn will not open a portal to the other world), but it will clearly add confidence. So now, even if the sex is very energetic, you will exude a pleasant aroma.

Have a snack

So you will calm the stomach, which is clearly not ready for unplanned physical activity. Of course, it is better to choose something light for this: half a banana, apple, yogurt, apricot.

Perform these procedures, and morning sex will bring you only the most positive emotions, as well as energize you for the whole day.