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For a week, Saratov residents throw out a bucket of sex toys

For a week, Saratov residents throw out a bucket of sex toys

The Engels ecotechnopark notes the increased content of used sex toys as a result of sorting garbage. Data from the press service of the regional operator shows that the amount of such specific waste reaches one bucket per week. This number is a record even for a city like Engels.

The resulting waste is analyzed by employees of the Saratov region landfill in the form of a morphological study. The results in the sorting process show an intense intimate life of Saratov residents. Various accessories and toys made of silicone, latex, PVC and various metal alloys are actively used to bring to life the intimate fantasies of the residents of Saratov and Engels. Representatives of the company report that the most popular toys are pink and flesh color, and sometimes individual copies are simply amazing in their size. The current demand for classic forms indicates «basic technical capabilities» for their application. High-tech samples of sex toys and sophisticated devices that have failed are rarely found in the trash.

Specialists of the regional service emphasize the fact that most of the discovered items can be sent for further processing. Only batteries with a high hazard class of waste are dangerous, and their disposal must be carried out in compliance with safety rules, and not as part of municipal waste.