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From dream to reality: 5 sexual fantasies that can be brought to life

From dream to reality: 5 sexual fantasies that can be brought to life

Sex fantasies are quite usual. Many people have a developed imagination. Thanks to fantasies, they are liberated, they understand what they need. This is an effective way to increase arousal. But not everyone knows how to implement them.

Every fourth person has this fantasy. The chance to be caught excited people. To avoid risk, follow these simple rules:

● choose an uncrowded and secluded place;

● think over clothes and positions so that if something happens, you can pretend that you have done nothing like this;

● you and your partner must be aware that you can really be seen.

Always think about the consequences.

Making love to a famous person or friend

Such fantasies are familiar to every fifth person. They are not easy to bring to life, especially if the person you want to have sex with lives abroad or has a partner. In this case, you will have to limit yourself to buying a new toy, spending time on your own and dreaming.

A chance of been peeped

Every fifth person is attracted by this thought. Try starting with a smartphone camera or taking pictures of yourself, peeping. Watch each other, or invite a third person if your partner doesn't mind.

Group sex

A very popular fantasy. If you don't have such an opportunity, try a sex toy that will be "the third" in your sex.

Role-playing games

This is the dream of every seventh person and it is quite easy to make it come true. You may pretend to be someone else. Just don't forget that sex should please both partners.

Whichever option you prefer, be sure to share your impressions.

If you have any other fantasies, feel free to bring them to life. But first consult with your partner, if he will be part of the action. Use your imagination to make your sex life more vivid and varied.