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Tips for getting more pleasure from masturbation

Tips for getting more pleasure from masturbation

Self-satisfaction is not only for teenagers who are just beginning to study their own bodies, but also for adults.

This activity is a great way to relax and spend time in pleasant company, that is, on your own. There are techniques to fully unleash the potential of masturbation.

Start with clitoral fondling

Experts recommend starting petting from the external genitals, that is, from the vulva. Then use your fingers to locate the clitoris and try to stimulate it with varying speed and pressure. If touching the clitoris directly causes discomfort, you can redistribute the load on the labia, try different movements.

Get an intimate toy

A high-quality vibrator can become an excellent companion on your way to pleasure. If you are embarrassed when buying such products in a store, nowadays this is not a problem, because you can always order online.

Examine the G-spot

The cherished G-spot is located deep inside the vagina, on the far wall (the one closest to the stomach, to be precise). You can stimulate it with a special toy or with your fingers. And if you caress the clitoris at the same time, you will get even more pleasure. However, this point does not work for everyone, you should not forget about it.