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Getting ready for your first sex: tips for beginners

Getting ready for your first sex: tips for beginners

If you think that during your first sex with an unfamiliar partner you cannot get pregnant or pick up any sexually transmitted disease, then you are deeply mistaken. A condom is what can help you reduce unnecessary risks in a moment of passion.

Yes, the first sex is always about getting embarassed. But sexologist Ekaterina Fedorova told readers about the ways to avoid many awkward moments. She told us about the things worth doing with a stranger and what you shouldn’t do.

Also the expert gave recommendations that are suitable for everyone, regardless of age and gender.

How to prepare for your first sex

1. Condoms, lubricant, latex wipes should always be in your purse. Also don’t forget about tissues and wipers.

It is better to agree with your partner right away that you will use a condom during sex. If this issue remains controversial and the man does not agree, don’t agree to have sex with such a man.

2. Men and women imagine their first sex differently. Therefore, it is worth talking about how everything will happen (and especially about important issues) before you find yourself under one blanket.

3. Rough fantasies are not a good start. Set aside such experiments.

4. If we are talking about sex between a man and a man, then it is especially important to prepare for intimacy both partners. Mind the safety.

5. Before having sex, it is best to ask yourself a leading question: “Will I regret this after many years? Wouldn't I be ashamed to remember this passion? "

6. It is good to choose a safe, comfortable place with a bathroom for the first sex.

7. Tenderness at the first caresses is the key to a great start. Both partners must be physically prepared for penetration to occur soon. This is where a lubricant comes in handy to facilitate this process.

8. Making sure your partner really wants intimacy is equally important. You also need to be ready to stop if someone gets hurt, unpleasant, or just no longer wants to continue.

9. It should be understood that man cum faster with a new partner but women need time to learn the man.

10. If a girl claims that you are not the first man, then you should know that blood during the rupture of the hymen doesn’t always appear. .

11. Sex is exclusively a matter of two. Talking about your partner, complaining about him is not the best option.