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How much a couple needs to have sex per week for happiness?

How much a couple needs to have sex per week for happiness?

People's sexual needs are different. Some people indulge in passion once a year and are quite happy with life, while others are not satisfied with a few times a day. And yet, the experts were able to find the arithmetic mean even in such a delicate matter.

Researchers from the University of Mississauga, located in Ontario, managed to find out how much sexual contact is needed for a favorable state of health. To determine the average value, the experts examined in detail the questionnaires of 25 thousand 510 people.

It turned out that the happiest people, who participated in the study, indulge in love pleasures once a week.

Psychologist Amy Muse, who led the experiment, hastened to refute the popular myth that for complete happiness and harmony, you need to have sex as often as possible. As it turned out, the number of contacts does not affect the well-being and energy at all. Once a week is enough to maintain a harmonious relationship with the other half and feel satisfied with life.

Therefore, when you want to cheer yourself up with frequent sexual relations, think about whether it is really so necessary. Perhaps there are more interesting and useful ways to cheer yourself up. However, this is still a personal matter for everyone.