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How to diversify your sex life

How to diversify your sex life

In just three minutes, you may learn a lot more about your sexual partner than you think. You will be saved by a three-minute game with your partner in bed, if you can't tell him that you just really want to.

Famous coach Harry Faddis developed a three-minute sex game; it may be useful for both two and several people. They may ask each other: how will you touch me for 180 seconds, or how do you want me to touch you for three minutes?

You may make a lot of discoveries about your own sexuality; you just need to make a simple structure of exercises. You just need to establish interaction, you need a mutual desire. This is what this game is based on. Special tantric practices are used. The idea of such practices is that partners give explicit consent to sex or to actions of a sexual nature.

How to use this three minute game

Don't try to start your actions by touching your genitals. Try to give him exactly what he wants: do not overdo it and do not give too little. Invite your partner to touch your private parts. Try to find out which role is closer to the partner: active or passive. The usual interpretation of this game involves a person directly addressing his/her partner.

Discover something new; try to change roles during the game. Stop if you don't like the offers. There's nothing wrong in it. Change the rules and explain to your partner if you don't like something. The rules here are set by you and your partner, and they can be changed or corrected. Everything is in your hands, just don't stick to templates.