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Sex on a plane: how to get an orgasm at altitude

Sex on a plane: how to get an orgasm at altitude

Do you want to have sex on a plane? Why not? The most important thing in this case is to correctly overcome external obstacles.

Surely you have seen in various movies, as the main characters indulge in carnal pleasures in the cabin of the plane. However, in reality, not everyone decides on such an extreme, for fear of not being able to fit in a toilet stall.

Celebrities who have practiced this type of sex include Gwyneth Paltrow, John Travolta, Barbra Streisand, and johnny Depp.

If you and your partner decide to have sex in the cabin, make sure that there are no children around you. If you want each other right in the cabin, on the seats, it is better to do it after lunch, when fellow travelers will have lunch and want to take a nap. In addition, flight attendants will take their jobs and will not walk around the cabin unless absolutely necessary. In this case, the most convenient position will be the rider, when the girl sits on top of the man. During sex, try to do everything as quietly as possible, without making any unnecessary sounds. Another convenient option is a blowjob, when no one will notice you with all their desire.

If you are very shy and can't relax, sex in a toilet stall is more suitable for you. There is, of course, very little free space, in addition, at any time anyone may knock and interrupt your process. In any case, no one can prove that you had sex. You can pretend that you became ill, and your man did not leave you in this state and was near. The best option in this case is the dog style, when the female partner puts one foot on the toilet, and the man is located behind her back.

The most important thing in sex in a toilet stall is not to get into a zone of turbulence; otherwise you risk getting injured from jumping on air pockets. To avoid this, put your partner on the toilet lid and sit on top of him.