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How to get an orgasm in 20 seconds

How to get an orgasm in 20 seconds

Sex is a special process of mutual satisfaction of men and women. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to allocate time for a night of love and romantic foreplay, so sometimes you have to practice quick sex, similar to what rabbits do.

In moments of rapid sex, it is important for a woman that her partner really turns her on, and she was able to get an orgasm in the process. At such moments, it is desirable to abstract from everything that is not related to you and your partner.

Before sex, you need to be sure to tune in, most importantly is that the thoughts in your head should be only about orgasm, and nothing else. Much depends on a single, well-spoken phrase, a stroke or a slap from a man. Of course, a man must know all the erogenous zones and levers of influence on his partner, so it depends on him whether the girl will get pleasure during quick sex or not.

Lubricants during fast sex also affect the early achievement of orgasm, so partners need to lubricate the penis and vagina before intercourse, so that the genitals are warmed, and both can get true carnal pleasure. As a rule, girls do not get an orgasm from penetration of the penis into the vagina, but from external stimulation of the clitoris, so it is better to pre-stimulate it with your fingers.

Another important point is the choice of a suitable pose. An orgasm may be obtained by bending the legs at the knees, while stimulating the clitoris, lifting the hips up with the separation of the buttocks from the bed. The partner at the same time makes the girl clitoral stimulation.

If you follow these simple rules, you will definitely reach orgasm even during fast sex, when you are limited in time.