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How to get rid of sex addiction

How to get rid of sex addiction

Experts in the field of sexual relations talked about where the strong craving for physical contact comes from.

Experts have even defined specific terms for this ailment: it’s Don Juanism related to men, and nymphomania related to women. Here we are not talking about a simple love of sex, the desire not to part with a partner for a minute. The problem with the disease lies at the root and most often sex addiction arises after a person has suffered a psychological trauma.

It shold be noted that scientists have found that during sex, a hormone is produced in the human body that blocks pain. And if a man or woman is so addicted to intimacy, then they need to constantly feel this drive.

It takes time to form an addiction

Before a person no longer has control over his problem, the disease goes through several stages:

    • trial of a new one;

    • feeling of positive from what is happening, pleasure;

    • being drawn into the desire to constantly experience it.

If you often think about sex, and you see a partner for intimacy in every person passing by, then it's time to turn to a specialist for help, advice, and a solution.

The causes of the disease can be very different:

    • psychological trauma;

    • surrounding community;

    • features of character;

    •genetic factor and many other reasons.

Expert can define the cause of the problem.

The person tries to get rid of anxiety.

The problem can come from childhood. When a child does not feel the understanding, support of relatives, then at a more mature age he or she begins to look for this in other people and it can be in the sexual aspect.

Endless stress

Dealing with the realities of adulthood is difficult. Everyone finds their own way out: someone listens to music, someone is engaged in an argument, and someone finds peace in a sexual relationship.

Way out

If you wish to get rid of such an addiction, here is good news: it’s possible to do! But get ready for the hard way! The most important thing is to find a competent specialist who will develop an individual treatment program especially for you.

But there are general tips that are suitable for everyone with this ailment:

    • control desires;

    • accept your feelings, sexuality, body;

    • try to understand what your body tells you, constantly wanting intimacy;

    • find alternatives to sex, such as a hobby.

And remember that all problems can be solved if you approach them competently and with a desire to get rid of the disease!