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How to give a man maximum pleasure with a whip

How to give a man maximum pleasure with a whip

Anything related to BDSM can both lead to orgasm and traumatize. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out what to use for flagellation (whipping) and how to use it correctly.

Understand the types of whips

The opinion that the whip is just a piece of processed leather with a handle and a tail is very wrong. In sex shops you can find dozens of different products of this kind. These are quirt (large whip, up to 0.7 m long), "Snake", "Dragon's Tongue" (whip with one tail), "African woman", "Cat", "Dog" and their variations, different kinds of crops, rattan, classic and genital floggers, paddle, whip. So, before you buy a whip, figure out what you need this attribute for and what functions it will perform. And only then go to the store to replenish your collection of sex toys.

Start with foreplay

The whip is not a vibrator. Of course, it is used to achieve orgasm, but not only and not so much for this. It is an extremely slippery subject in every sense. Thanks to it, you can both excite and injure. So the partner's skin should be ready for intense slaps. Therefore, before using the whip, you need to warm up the body through blows, massage, oral caresses, or other techniques.

Control the force of the blow

You can injure a person with a whip. It's quite an unusual toy. So you should use these BDSM attributes with extreme caution. First, talk to your partner about the intensity of the blows he is ready for. Secondly, mark the places where the whip should not be affected (back, genitals, fingers, neck). Third, be sure to come up with a stop word to interrupt your BDSM session at any time.

Follow these guidelines, and the whip will become an excellent attribute for your partner to achieve an orgasm.