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How to have sex in the bathroom

How to have sex in the bathroom

Sex in the shower will help you not only wake up, but also get a charge of positive emotions for the whole day.

In the morning, when both you and your partner are in a great mood, there is no fatigue or stress, we recommend that you devote some time to this pleasant and useful activity. Try one of the suggested positions for maximum enjoyment. Or you can experiment with each position if you are in no hurry.

Face to face

A shower cubicle is definitely not the most spacious and comfortable place to have sex. You should be as close to each other as possible. For example, face to face.

You can sit on the floor with your legs bent under you. The lady sits on top of you and wraps her legs around your lower back, and her arms around your neck. Forward, towards pleasure!

Doggy style standing

This is also a great option if there is not much room for sex. In addition, you are not very likely to get injured, which is essential in the morning when you are both still sleepy. The partner should turn her back to you and lean on the wall in the shower. You penetrate from behind. Simply and easily!

However, before that, make sure that the floor in the shower is not too slippery, so as not to fall at the most inopportune moment.

Classic doggy style

This position is suitable if you have a bath instead of a shower. Although here, too, you need to be very careful not to rub your knees.

Place a towel on the bottom of the bath or shower stall. It will be much more pleasant to indulge in pleasures on it, and your legs will not be rubbed.

Legs up

If your partner has good stretching, take advantage of this during the shower pleasure. The main thing is to be sure that you do not crash to the floor due to an overly slippery surface.

The girl must lean against the wall. You take her by the leg and bend her at the knee, press her to you with the other hand and staart having sex.

Woman on the back

If there is enough space, you can lay your woman on her back. She should bend her legs slightly and press them towards her chest. You should be on top of her.

Remember to use silicone lubricant during shower sex. It will help you both get the most out of the process.