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How to increase libido in women: means and methods

How to increase libido in women: means and methods

All people are different, and when it comes to sexual desire, the concept of "norm" does not apply here. But if you notice that your libido has decreased, it causes anxiety and affects your relationship, there are several universal recommendations for increasing sexual desire.

Gynecologist Oksana Negrich in her Instagram account reported that regular aerobic exercise and strength training (at least half an hour 5 times a week) improve endurance, appearance, mood and libido.

Minimize stress

The doctor advises to be distracted, to look for ways to cope with stressful situations at work and money problems, as this greatly affects the sexual desire.

Get more rest

Oksana Negrich recommends delegating household duties, not to hesitate to ask for help from relatives, so that there is enough time for a full sleep and rest. The last thing a tired woman will think of is sex, no matter how wonderful it is.

Talk to your partner

Couples who have honest and frank conversations tend to have a stronger emotional attachment and vivid intimacy.

The doctor added that talking about sex, intimate preferences, erotic fantasies and antipathies also helps to positively tune in to intimacy.

Make time for sex

Intimacy on a schedule may seem feigned and completely devoid of romance. However, in reality, planning for sex for a certain time (as opposed to postponing it in the long box) helps to improve libido.

Add spice to your intimate life

According to the gynecologist, a decrease in sexual desire in a long-term relationship is quite a natural process.

And here it is already necessary to connect the imagination: try new poses, have sex at a different time of day or in an unusual place. Ask your partner to pay more attention to the preliminary caresses. If the couple is ready to experiment, you may use sex toys. The doctor emphasizes that regular dates outside the home are a great idea, as spending time together increases sexual pleasure.

Get rid of harmful addictions

In some cases, it is necessary to exclude diseases and conditions that lead to a decrease in sexual desire.

The gynecologist said that such drugs exist, but information about their effectiveness and side effects is limited. So the purpose of such funds can rarely be called justified. The medic added that the return of sexual desire is a gradual process, and there may be no magic pill here.