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How to make sex more interesting

How to make sex more interesting

This question will always be a heartfelt issue, since the quality of intimate life has a strong impact on all areas of life.

If your sex is passionate, varied and enjoyable, you will always be in good mood. Whereas if a person is not sexually satisfiied, his or her everyday life seems boring and monotonous.

How to diversify sex?

There are several ways to make sex more interesting:

1. Add variety. The initiative from both partners is very important. Of course, if your only sex position is missionary, you'll soon get bored. Many people forget about role-playing and a quality foreplay. Different accessories, erotic clothes, wigs will help you to look in a new way. Such attributes create a special atmosphere, instantly excite and make intimacy truly unforgettable. Men should try on various masks or leather underwear with a hole in the region of sexual organs. Women can pretend to be innocent and shy or they can dress up as a cruel mistress.

2. Whisper something in your partner's ear during sex. This technique works flawlessly. Some men get aroused from dirty words, others are excited by love confessions and vanilla tenderness.

3. Use sex toys. Sex shops exist for a reason: you can find many useful products there. Buy edible lubricants, assorted penis attachments, butterflies for the clitoris, anal plugs, vibrators for couples, strapons. Or maybe you will be interested in BDSM paraphernalia in the form of handcuffs, chains, gags, whips and ropes for tying. All this makes the fantasy work at full capacity, makes sex bright and juicy.

4. Invite another partner. Almost every second person dreams of a threesome. Women dream of being simultaneously penetrated by two hot males. Men want to experience girlish caresses in a double volume. Some people like swinger fun. Over time, these games can develop into a real orgy - a spontaneous action with screams, groans and violent orgasms. Men should not deny themselves the pleasure of having sex with a man, if such a desire arises. You can start with a blowjob, which will be done by a constant partner and a bisexual.  Well, lesbian fun is a great thing too.

5. Become a sex guru. For women, mastering the technique of throat blowjob will help in this. Men can learn how to bring a woman to squirt. It's not that easy, but trust me, it's worth it.Talk to each other about hot things, share erotic fantasies and translate them into reality!