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How to please a man on the phone

How to please a man on the phone

The twenty-first century allows people in close relationships to endure a long separation less painfully. Now loving each other may reduce the distance with the help of modern means of communication. Literally everyone today has access to virtual sex, as an option – sex on the phone.

By its quality, sex at a distance may be just as sensual and full-fledged, because the intonation, timbre of the voice, pauses excite no less than touching and hugging, besides-awaken fantasies. The main thing is to know about a few simple rules, then your favorite will enjoy without tactile contact.

The first rule is to learn how to use your voice. It is crucial. Languid notes, breathlessness quickly excite any man. But do not overdo it with sighs and moans – this is not a feature film for adults 18+, it is enough to lower your voice and add sexual hoarseness to it.

The second rule is to try to describe everything you are doing to your partner in words as realistic as possible. There is nothing to be shy about, because when you are close, alone, the process is much more frank, because you do not just talk, but also see each other, touch parts of the body. In order for virtual contact to bring full satisfaction, things should be called by their proper names. Say the words "penis", "nipples", "buttocks".

The third rule is to focus on every little detail, which is only known to the two of you. Let's say your partner has a birthmark on the lower back in the curve of the back – you need to tell him in detail how you caress this place. You may and should also ask him to kiss the mole on your belly or the vein that always throbs on your neck at times of special excitement, which he knows perfectly well.

The fourth rule is to immerse yourself in a session of intimacy, distancing yourself from everything around you. To make the mood more romantic and not visually distracted by the surrounding environment, turn on the music. It should be calm, melodic, preferably-to sound only instruments, without words.

Rule five – no matter how pleasant it is to talk with your desired friend about the intimate, you do not need to prolong the conversation too long, because it may weaken the excitement. Ideally, sexual contact at a distance should last as long as your normal sexual act.

About virtual sex with a video link

The ability to talk with video is now provided by almost all messengers. Virtual sex will be even better if there is a video connection – part of the conversations and exchange of photos may simply be replaced by action on the screen, and watch the partner's facial expressions, instead of listening carefully to changes in intonation. A great option as a love prelude at a distance is during the day (for example, from work) to engage in playful correspondence and talk a little on the phone, and in the evening it is logical to finish what you started, looking into each other's eyes.