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Husband saw erotic scenes involving his second half

Husband saw erotic scenes involving his second half

So she wanted to achieve diversity. Soon the husband came across a movie on the Internet with the participation of his faithful and decided to file for divorce.

The future couple met on the Internet and got married in 2018. According to the bride, before her husband, she had one serious relationship that ended in a breakup for a long time.

The husband saw one serious problem in the relationship: the wife's regular demands for viewing pornography. He was fulfilling that demand, trying to please his other half.

Watching videos on the phone, he saw the sex scenes with the participation of his second half. The woman explained to him that this video was taken when she was still in a relationship with a former young man and he was blackmailing her.

Later, the man came across another film on the Internet, in which his wife was starred. After that, she did not deny it and reported that before him, she led a busy sexual life. The man was upset, left his wife and filed for divorce. The wife wants to save the marriage and asks him to come to his senses and forgive her.