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Add spice: 4 ideas for sex with ice cubes are named

Add spice: 4 ideas for sex with ice cubes are named

Our body is riddled with many nerve endings, so it is a sin not to use them during carnal pleasures. And additional stimulation is possible through ice cubes, which are clearly found in the freezer of anyone.

If you start to affect your own receptors with the help of temperature changes during preliminary caresses, you can achieve strong arousal and bring pleasure to your woman. To do this, you will need ice.

So, we present to your attention a few ideas on how to diversify sex through ice cubes and provide piquant sensations.

Erotic massage

Place a bowl filled with ice cubes next to the bed. With one of them, start gently stroking your female partner's skin. When her body feels cold, it will tense up. This will enhance the feeling in the future.

If you want to bring your beloved to sweet madness, do not drive ice on the most sensitive places – the inner surface of the thighs, nipples, buttocks – until the very last moment. This will further inflame the situation.

The main thing is, that in no case do not touch the female partner's genitals with ice, because they have increased sensitivity.

Play with the temperature

When the body heats up, it relaxes. The ice will make it tense up. You also need to provide temperature differences.

Increase the temperature of her body with the help of aromatic oil with a warming effect, and then swipe with an ice cube. This contrast will cause a wave of goosebumps. Remember that you can warm your beloved with your own lips.

Oral sex with ice

Put an ice cube in your mouth and hold it for a while. Then make your female beloved cunnilingus. She will feel the warmth of your breath and at the same time the cold of the cube, which will provide her with both: relaxation from the first and tension from the second.

Ice helps delay discharge

If you feel that you will cum soon, try to postpone the orgasm by means of ice. Let your female partner put the cube in her mouth or slide it over your body. So you will delay the moment of cherished discharge and stretch the pleasure as much as possible.

Bring variety to your sex life. Just an ice cube is enough to give your beloved a piquant and exciting feeling. Why not to experiment today?

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