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In Lithuania they told about the popularity of sex tourism

In Lithuania they told about the popularity of sex tourism

One of the journalists of the Lithuanian edition of DELFI, Orius Gasanovas, shared information that Lithuanian citizens go to St. Petersburg for sexual relations. He noted that an electronic visa will be required to enter the territory of the Russian Federation, and this, in turn, will open access to entertainment, cheap food and alcohol, as well as Russian women. Trips to Saint Petersburg are a relatively new direction of such tourism, which has gained popularity due to mass conversations about the temperament of women of Slavic nationalities.

The journalist managed to find out that prostitution is common both among professional prostitutes of St. Petersburg, and among ordinary female students who need additional earnings. The former operate at a rate of 50-100 euros per night, while the latter can cost 25 euros. One of his interlocutors agreed with a Russian female student for 21 euros (1.5 thousand rubles).

Prostitutes are ready to provide sex services to any paying client, and students prefer to spend time with young attractive tourists. Americans and Europeans are perceived by the students as a ticket to a good life. They are ready to enter into a sexual relationship to get the prospect of leaving for the US or EU.

It should be noted that prostitution is gaining popularity in St. Petersburg that is why competition is growing significantly. Now women are ready to diversify the range of services provided. Gasanovas added that such relationships carry a risk of HIV infection, as well as difficulties when dealing with pimps.