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Interesting facts about masturbation

Interesting facts about masturbation

There are still representatives of the fair sex who, for one reason or another, are afraid or shy to engage in self-satisfaction.

More productive than all kinds of sex training

Sometimes women hope that someone else will help them get to know their own body better and learn how to control it in bed. Trainings can give good theoretical information about what is necessary for satisfaction and getting an orgasm. However, "homework" and self-knowledge are also needed. So, before you sign up for a coach who promises to teach you the art of love in a short time, try to master it yourself with the help of masturbation. You may use your own fingers or a vibrator to do this. The main thing is to study regularly and have a sincere desire to get to know yourself better.

Improves women's health

First of all, masturbation helps to reduce pain during the menstrual cycle. As a rule, during this period, you do not really want to have sex with a partner, but you clearly will not mind privacy and self satisfaction. And endorphins (happiness hormones), released into the body during orgasm, will help reduce pain. In addition, masturbation allows you to keep the pelvic floor muscles and increases libido. And it prevents infections of the cervix.

Increases self-esteem and liberates

When you know how to please yourself and know how to do it, the world seems much kinder and more pleasant, and you feel more confident in it. Because this skill makes it easy to flirt with men, choose only what you like, and enjoy the colors of life to the fullest.

Relieves insomnia and stress

Complete relaxation and enjoyment are the main suppliers of a great mood. It really may be like this, if on returning home after a hard day you do not just start scrolling through the social media feed, but watch a good porn movie or masturbate to relaxing music. As a result, the brain produces neurotransmitters that will improve mood, lower the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) and help you fall asleep faster.

Increases the likelihood of getting multi-orgasms

The tales of multiple orgasms per night that your girlfriends are so fond of telling may come to life in your bed. However, if your ability to achieve one orgasm is inherent in nature, then the ability to get multiple orgasms will have to be trained. We strongly recommend using vibrators and pulsators for this purpose. They will help you find all the erogenous zones, and then you may share this information with your partner to make your sex more pleasant and diverse.

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