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Interesting facts and myths about virginity

Interesting facts and myths about virginity

Sexologists are sure that you need to get rid of excessive expectations and illusions, otherwise the beginning of a sex life will bring disappointment.

The word "defloration"  means "loss of innocence." It sounds like a plucked flower.

It is not the anatomical integrity of the hymen that matters, but the emotional attitude.

Think whether you are definitely ready for this, whether you have doubts about your partner, because he will be the first to learn your body. Be sure to take care of the safety of your first sexual experience. Get rid of high expectations. The first sex does not always bring positive emotions, although a lot here depends on the mood, skill of the partner and trust in him.

It is not always as beautiful as it is shown in the films.

And one of the reasons lies in the fact that in most cases the "first sex" happens between inexperienced people. It is difficult for them to find a place for sex, both are nervous and do not know how to behave correctly. Also they may be afraid to be caught by parents.

Few girls are able to feel pleasure during their first sex.

Most women need time to "awaken" erogenous zones. They gradually study their body. The situation is complicated by the man's lack of experience, he also needs to figure out where your erogenous zones are located.

A bad start should not be taken as seriously.

You will definitely learn what sensuality and passion are, but this will need time. You will have to collect information not only about sex in general, but also about your body and its anatomy.

Don't pay too much attention to the stories that you here.

Remember that each pair is different. You never know what really happened between two people so don't try to figure it out.

Sex will improve over the years

Hardly anyone can say that the first sexual experience was perfect.

Blood with pain is not always the case with losing of virginity

The hymen should not tear, but stretch smoothly. In most cases, bleeding with pain occurs when a girl is afraid and shrinks. The man lacks the experience comfort her.

Do not forget that the hymen may differ in configuration. There are types that are prone to tearing, others to stretch. There is possibility of stretching the hymen during sports training.

If a girl goes in for sports and keeps calm during her first sex, she mayu not experience any discomfort.

It so happens that a girl needs several attempts to part with her virginity.

If for the first time she experienced severe pain and fear, and the man interrupted the action in order to continue later, the hymen can stretch.

Cowgirl position will help you relieve tension. This will allow the girl to feel that she is in control of the situation, reduce the fear of defloration.