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Is it possible to break the penis and then what to do?

Is it possible to break the penis and then what to do?

"How is this even possible?!" - Many will be surprised after reading the title of the article. In fact, technically, there are no bones in the penis. However, if it is in a state of erection, there is a possibility of rupture of the protein membranes that cover the cavernous bodies filled with blood. The penis takes on a bluish hue, and erectile dysfunction becomes only one of the undesirable consequences, even if the optimal treatment has been selected. This happens rarely, so do not forbid yourself everything that is described below. However, it is worth remembering situations when you can really break a dick.

Woman on top

According to doctors, this is the most common reason for contacting a surgeon. There is a possibility of pressing on the pelvic bone during penetration or taking an unsuccessful pose, which causes the curvature of the penis. A woman, unlike a man, may not be able to stop in time in an active position.

Doggie style

In this position, the penis is directed slightly downward, and a fracture is possible if the partner suddenly falls on the bed.

Anal sex

The woman's fault is not here, since the movement is controlled by the partner. Unpleasant consequences are possible if the penis, which is already under pressure, meets with strong resistance due to insufficient relaxation of the anus. So the forbidden fruit should be eaten with caution.

Active masturbation

This reason takes the 2nd place in "popularity". Of course, under normal conditions, it is almost impossible to break the sexual organ with your own hands, but there are men who are engaged in self-satisfaction in a moving car or use a cocktail shaker for this purpose. Yes, it would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Caressing by hands

It is unlikely that a woman can break a penis with her own hands - a man will stop her as soon as he feels the pain. However, it is not necessary to completely exclude this outcome, especially if the partner is in a state of strong alcohol intoxication or does not control what is happening for another reason.

Unwanted touching

A fracture of the penis is possible if the man wants sex, but the woman does not (and is sufficiently strong to resist). It is noteworthy that this reason is on the 1st place in the Middle Eastern states.


To achieve an erection faster, some people squeeze the penis to increase blood flow. Of course, only too intense movements can do harm.

By the way, according to doctors, blowjob does not lead to fractures. There is a risk of damage to the skin by teeth or rubbing the surface of the penis, but it is unlikely that it can be broken at the same time. Whatever it was, if a man is in pain, it is better to go to the doctor, and not wait until it goes away.