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Is virtual sex good or bad?

Is virtual sex good or bad?

When the Russians went into quarantine, they promised themselves to do self-education, learn a new foreign language and lose weight by summer. But in fact during self-isolation, sales of products, sex toys, as well as the number of views of porn have increased (by as much as 58% in comparison with January of this year). Thus, bored people habitually switched to seeking pleasure. However, is it as harmless as it seems?

In fact, the increased interest in hot videos can not only bring joy, but also do harm. So, you need to pay attention to the signs listed below.

Dose increase

It takes more and more time to watch porn films every day, the videos are getting harder. I want something sharp and unusual! This is a clear sign of addiction when the usual “dose” is no longer satisfactory. The first alarm bell that everything is not as good as it seems - changed requests lead to difficulties in finding a partner who can satisfy them. Often, a woman acts as a passive partner, who seems to be over the moon from sharp and rough frictions. So, it's worth choosing ethical videos over extreme content. This will help you avoid problems in the future.

Unwillingness for real sex

Watching hot videos is much more fun than being intimate with your partner. The young ladies flashing on the screen seem to be perfect, unlike real women with skin and body defects. Too lazy to take any action to achieve sex in reality. This is how porn films are gradually destroying human life. Incidentally, there is a direct link between time spent watching porn and the likelihood of divorce. By the way, during the quarantine, couples began to part much more often.

Potency problems

It is awful when virtual sex not just replaces real sex but also makes it impossible. The brain gradually gets used to the lighter version of reaching orgasm and no longer perceives other variants. In some cases, satisfaction becomes completely inseparable from the computer. And as soon as you move away from the screen, the potency disappears. And if a person tries to give up the addiction, a real withdrawal happens to him.

Men are more prone to such a reaction than ladies. According to psychologists, women focus more on doing household chores (washing, cleaning, washing dishes), and men like to go into the world of dreams and fantasies. Gentlemen, be careful!

It's not so easy to give up porn. So, we must remember the main thing: bind the sack before it be full!