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It became known what girls think during oral sex

It became known what girls think during oral sex

A huge number of different thoughts come into women's heads even during sex. Especially if it's oral.

Higher and to the left please

Often, during oral pleasures, a woman thinks that a man touches wrong areas. Therefore, she thinks: "Higher", "Deeper" "To the left", Not here."

Is the door closed?

If a woman is just lying, such thoughts can creep into her head. However, don't be sad! She's not watching TV after all.

Where did he learn this?

If you are good at giving cunnilingus, the girl will be suspicious of this. She may wonder where you mastered these skills. It will be much worse if she decides that your tongue has managed to visit many vaginas.

Use your hands

During oral sex, a man often forgets that he has not only a tongue, but also hands with which he can touch his lover in intimate places.

I should do the same

Not all women are thrilled with blowjobs. For this reason, they often refuse cunnilingus as well. If the girl still didn't manage to escape, then she will immediately think that she will have to reciprocate her partner.

Do cunnilingus so that she is over the moon, and does not have stupid thoughts in her head!